R.S.H. – Real Smart Home (Self-defined Final Year Project)

R.S.H.’s Project Poster:

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With the emerging of the Internet of Things as the new system interconnection method, remote control and home automation became possible.

R.S.H. or “Real Smart Home” is a self-defined project (i.e. proposed and engineered by the student not by the school) consisting of the design and implementation of a system which truly adopts the word “smart” in its description, as it uses the Internet of Things fusing it with the famous concept of machine learning and pattern recognition. R.S.H. was fully designed and implemented by Jihad Dib and it included the use of different Software and Hardware skills (including 3D designing and printing).

This mixture results in a system which is able to sense a large collection of variables from the environment to the behavioural pattern of its service user in order to “learn” and recognize the user’s everyday routines and finally become able to make automated decisions based on the learned and collected data.


The project is considered a valuable addition to the world of smart homes as it introduces a new way of achieving a fully autonomous cross-platform, multiprotocol system able to detect any pattern and to learn from the detected data in order to produce a self-learned routine to-do list which can be automatically applied should the user wish to allow the system to do so. It also provides a full cross-platform communication covering most of the protocols used allowing it to be interfaced to any system/module.

Project report is available upon request.

R.S.H.’s Remote Controller (Web-App) demo:

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R.S.H. Main Controller Model


R.S.H. Demo Model
R.S.H. Demo Model – Side View
R.S.H. Demo Model – Top View
R.S.H. Core Controller

Advanced RFID Attendance System (created for Pearl Healthcare)

Advanced RFID Attendance System is a very affordable, easy to maintain, fault-resistant attendance system.

The system uses RaspberryPi, Arduino, HTML, PHP and SQL in order to provide companies with all the needed functions in an attendance system in order to monitor their attendance and payroll.

This demo represents Bramshaw, an imaginary facility which can be the name of the company using the system.

Attendance Unit:

Administrator Panel:


Attendance Unit software can be provided upon request, so please E-Mail me: [email protected]

If you wish to personally test the Administrator Panel:

Demo: Click Here 

Update: Login page has been omitted to make the access to the system easier. It has been restricted to the Petty Cash System demo.

J’s Online Petty Cash System (created for Pearl Healthcare)

J’s Online Petty Cash System is a PHP, SQL and HTML based online petty cash system used in order keep a record of the petty cash flow of a certain company.

It can be upgraded in order to become an accounting software with minor modifications.


If you wish to personally test the Petty Cash System:

Demo: Click Here 

Username: demo

Password: demo123


S.C.A.W. – Smart Collision Avoidant Wheelchair

S.C.A.W. (Smart Collision Avoidant Wheelchair) was the University of Kent Computer Systems Engineerings’ Second Year Final Project.

S.C.A.W. is a remote-controlled wheelchair which senses and avoids obstacles, detects falls, triggers emergency SMS containing the exact GPS Location of the wheelchair displayed in Google Maps in case of any fall. SMS is sent to the emergency contacts of the user. S.C.A.W. also supports automated parallel parking.

I served as the project team leader and was supposed to have 3 other team members (2 of them left the university in the beginning of the year). I was able to successfully accomplish the project, earning a distinction mark (75) even though all other teams were fully staffed and had less management then I did.

Leadership, Time Management and Risk Management allowed me succeed in this task and to finish on time without any needs for extensions nor special case considerations.

S.C.A.W. uses embedded ATMEGA328 (Arduino) ICs, NRF24L01 2.4 GHz Transceivers, Ultrasonic Sensors, IR Sensors, Gyroscope, SIM900 Module, OLED Screen and much more.

Many libraries were used and some of them were modified in order to have them co-exist in the same project.


Some of the deliverables:

Colloquim Presentation

Final Report

Individual Report

The Beast



The Beast, University of Kent Computer Systems Engineering first-year project was a line follower robot which takes into consideration some tweaks and shortcuts and handles some extra special quests (obstacle avoidance, turn around 360 degrees and re-calibrate on the line etc.)

Fully designed and implemented by Jihad Dib, the project was a first-hand experience with robotics, PCB design, and embedding systems.

This project was the star of the University of Kent V.S. Université Paris X Nanterre Robotics Competition.

For the Logbook and Project Details please Click Here

Awards Earned:

  • University of Kent V.S. Université Paris X Nanterre Robotics Competition ( 1st Place )
  • IET Award for Best Overall Design and Performance Undergraduate 1st Year Robotics Competition ( 1st Place )
  • Judges Award for Imaginative Software and Hardware Design in the Rapid Electronics Undergraduate 1st Year Robotics Competition