Jihad Dib

2 Roper Road · Canterbury, CT2 7EH · 07423 844491 / 07700 000442 · J.Dib@kent.ac.uk
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I am a PhD. in Electronic Engineering candidate (full scholarship) who graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Systems Engineering with Hons. - First Class Honours) from the University of Kent with a vast amount of experience.

I am currently the IT Manager at Pearl Healthcare, Demonstrator at the University of Kent and the Founder of my own small business (J-Telecom, a telecommunications company providing VoIP, Hosted PBX systems and Bulk SMS Services in Lebanon).


IT Manager

Pearl Healthcare Group, Canterbury UK

Founded Pearl's IT Department, and managed software and hardware implementation projects. In addition to designing and implementing the company's network infrastructure including its monitoring tools, Software and Systems consultancy and implementation, Database Management and Staff Training for hardware and software installation, maintenance, and usage.

August 2017 - Present

Research Assistant

University of Kent, Canterbury UK

- AI-Based systems design and implementation, Microcontroller programming for different functionalities, Electronic Circuits design, and implementation, and providing guidance and advise to PhD. researchers

April 2020 - April 2023

Sessional Demonstrator

University of Kent, Canterbury UK

Demonstrating, mentoring and assessing (including marking) third year and Masters students with different courses such as C/C++, Matlab, Image Processing, VHDL and others.

September 2019 - January 2023


J-Telecom, Lebanon

Founded J-Telecom, Depolyed the VoIP Gateway, SMS Gateway, designed the company's website, set-up VoIP systems and Hosted PBX services to customers, implemented and managed the network infrastructure of the company and managed the database.

January 2013 - February 2023

Acedemic Peer Reviewer - Publons ID

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), New York, US

Reviewing peer-submitted papers and providing feedback to the editor.

July 2019 - Present

Systems Administrator

Pearl Healthcare Group, Canterbury UK

Provided consultance in every system requisition, and provided system installation, management, and maitnenance. Implemented a network monitoring tool able to detect and identify issues without any additional cost to the company in addition many software systems for Pearl such as the Home Automation System, Petty Cash System, Attendance System, Equipment Booking System, and Home Automation System.

October 2015 - August 2017

Academic Peer Mentor

University of Kent, Canterbury UK

Mentored students and assisted in mentoring events arrangement.

July 2016 - September 2018

Temporary Logistics Officer

Books2Africa, Dover Kent

Joined Books2Africa as a temporary logistics officer assisting in book referencing, archiving and data storage, also volunteered to assit in some tasks.

October 2015 - November 2015


Ammar Electronics, Tripoli Lebanon

Maintained performance tracking, warehouse check-ups, monitoring accounts and accountants and providing full IT Supprot to the establishment.


Radio and Network Planning Unit

Alfa Telecommunications, Beirut Lebanon

KPI and network perfomance monitoring, diagnosis and troubleshooting, network and frequency planning including site surveys and drive tests.


Network Planning Unit

Touch Telecommunications, Beirut Lebanon

Netowrk and radio planning, frequency planning along with site surverys and drive tests.


Curriculum vitae

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Software & Projects

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Awards & Certifications

  • University of Kent V.S. Université Paris X Nanterre Robotics Competition ( 1st Place )
  • IET Award for Best Overall Design and Performance Undergraduate 1st Year Robotics Competition ( 1st Place )
  • Judges Award for Imaginative Software and Hardware Design in the Rapid Electronics Undergraduate 1st Year Robotics Competition
  • Saint Joseph University Science Fair ( 1st place) – Rawdat El Fayhaa Secondary School
  • Lebanese American University Science Fair ( 3rd Place ) - Rawdat El Fayhaa Secondary School
  • Academic Peer Mentor Participation Certificate at the University of Kent
  • Participation Certificate for the attendance of the Effective Communication Skills at Activia Training